• How to Be Sure Your Auto Shop Is worth It

    How to Find a Reliable Auto Body Repair Shop in Your Area

    In case of a collision, there are usually two outcomes for your vehicle. It’s either too badly damaged to ever start again or to be worth repairing, or it could be just a little dented and scratched. Most serious collisions affect more than just the chassis, they affect the machine’s capacity to operate. In that case, you need to have your car looked at by both a mechanic that deals with internal problems, and a contractor that deals with auto body repair services. Depending on the scale of the crash, you may only need an auto body specialist. If that is the case, then here is what we recommend you look for if you want to find a reliable contractor:

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  • Can a Dent Be Fixed without Even Damaging the Paint?

    What Can an Auto Body Service Provider Do for Me?

    An auto body shop is a place that you can go in case your vehicle needs any cosmetic repairs. That means dents, scratches, holes, corroded areas, and collision damage. In such cases, you can visit an auto body service provider and have them fix all of that. They have the tools and expertise to fix all sorts of collision damage.

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  • What professional auto repair services are

    It is wise to find a trusted auto repair shop or garage and use their services all year long because as you know auto repair work is always needed at some point. Auto Body of Louisville Inc can be the one to trust for any type of vehicle repair or parts replacement. We are price competitive and will meet any reasonable written estimate for the same repair services.  We will give you a written estimate before any work is performed so you will know what the final price will be from the very beginning. We do require your approval for the work before we start any repairs. Our work is fully guaranteed and we will give you any warrantees on manufacturer parts that you purchase with us. We can also return the old parts to you if you want them, otherwise we will simply dispose them.

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