Can a Dent Be Fixed without Even Damaging the Paint?

What Can an Auto Body Service Provider Do for Me?

An auto body shop is a place that you can go in case your vehicle needs any cosmetic repairs. That means dents, scratches, holes, corroded areas, and collision damage. In such cases, you can visit an auto body service provider and have them fix all of that. They have the tools and expertise to fix all sorts of collision damage.

body shopOne of the things that you can fix at an auto body shop are dents. The interesting part is, they can fix dents without even damaging the paint. This is done by pushing the dented areas from inside the car, and it’s called paintless dent repair because you don’t have to paint after the repair. However, this is only performed on shallow dents. If your vehicle has suffered a more serious collision, then this is not the method to use.

When it comes to the paint coating, you need to know that modern paints are extremely durable and resilient. This means that the paint can withstand an impact without breaking, and if the coat isn’t damaged you can bend the metal back in its original shape without ruining the paint.

This type of repairs can be performed on all sorts of dents; however, not every paint type can handle it. Cars manufactured before the 1990-s are coated with different kind of paints that can’t survive such a repair without cracking. Of course, that is if the vehicle hasn’t been repainted during all these years.

This method is especially effective for treating hail damaged hoods and roofs. Also, it’s a lot cheaper than the other options. The good thing about it is that you don’t need filler and additional painting services after the job. It’s cheaper and more effective than traditional body repair services. It doesn’t leave any scars or damage, and the vehicle retains its original colors.

Most auto body service providers offer a variety of services, so if you ever need help keeping your car’s looks up, then don’t hesitate to give Auto Body of Louisville Inc a try!

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